Hi everyone and welcome to mutuallyassuredpreservation.com!
My name is Jason. I’m an astronautical engineer in the US Space Force and US National Defense Fellow at MIT researching the national strategic implications of Bitcoin and Proof-of-Work property defense protocols. I decided to create this blog so I can get continuous feedback on what I’m writing in a master’s thesis. As per the grounded theory methodology I’m using, I will be writing a LOT of notes and memos while I sort through piles of literature and formulate the core concepts of the theory. The memos that best-capture the core conceptualizations will be added to the thesis I’m writing for my employers at the Department of Defense. This is where you come in! It would be helpful to get feedback from you along the way, so I can learn what conceptualizations and arguments resonate. To that end, I plan on publishing my draft memos through this website and collecting your inputs and feedback!

I appreciate everyone’s engagement and feedback! Cheers.

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